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Ladies welcome

Are you a tipical girl when it comes to cars.  If any of the following applys to you then you need to come and see us. I don't know any thing about cars.  You feel your having your leg lifted when you go to a garage. You feel intimidated. Do you wait until the last minuet to get your car repaired. Do you panic when something goes wrong. You just turn the key and go.  You have never lifted you the bonnet..  You have Never checked your oil. Scared to check your tyres. Do you turn the radio up when you hear a bad noise. I'd rather get my nails done.. Never changed a puncture.    If this is you then  Come and talk to the Kirstys or myself were here to help. 


 We have the same service if you a girl or a boy, black or white. Gay or straight.  Old or young.If you have just dropped off the boat and English isn't your first language. We will find a way to make you feel comfortable talking to us..